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Here are the summaries of two of the novels that I'm working on.

"On the Other Side of the Tea Cup" (WIP)

Rigby hates her life as a corporate cog in the assembly line of red tape that can’t seem to catch a break in her love life. To find relief from the monotony, Rigby goes to one of her favorite places when she was a college student- the Renaissance Fair. There she buys a special tea blend from a suspicious gypsy peddler that transports her to another world in turmoil. Lost and confused, she meets a talking cat who rescues her from a deranged flock of wasps and makes a deal with her to guide her through the new world. Little does she know, her new guide is a wanted criminal. The cat gets captured by local law enforcement and Rigby is forced to help her one ally and become a wanted criminal herself. On the run, she meets again the Captain of the Guard and takes him hostage and uses him to try and get the cat free. However, a well meaning friend ruins the opportunity and she and her new friends are arrested and imprisoned at the same keep as Weyland. She makes one more attempt at escape but is thwarted and is sentenced to death. At the last minute, Zig comes to their rescue by revealing who he is and exchanging himself for the prisoners. His brother agrees for all except the cat. Zig, in a rage, mortally wounds him and they all escape into the forest and head to the carnival in hopes of finding the gypsy witch again.

"Space Exploration" (WIP)

          Cadet Elliot Sumner has one more final before he can join the science and space exploration of his Corporation’s Research branch. After years of hard work and dedication, all of that seems to be a distant memory when his friend, Cadet Mark Sanders, drags him into a Senior Class prank that gets Cadet Sumner expelled. Unable to fulfill his dream, Cadet Sumner prepares for his disappointing shuttle home when Mark comes up with a plan to get him back into space. Sumner is soon accepted as part of a crew to the very last space station on the outer ridges of the solar system as a ship mechanic. Once there, Elliot finds out about a ship that’s schedule for docking that is headed out past their refuel station to explore the galaxy. Elliot decides to stow away on the ship only to discover that Mark is already on it and that the ship is headed into unexplored territory.

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