Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Lord it's the Middle of February Already?!

I think the title explains it all. Where did January go? Between searching for a house and all the variety of social and family engagements, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day or days during the weekend to get the things I had planned on done. I even had three or four different blog topics planned out for my blog. Topics started but never finished. Kind of like all my WIP. :-/ Which leads me into my first planned blog topic: Yearly goals.

Some call them New Year Resolutions. I call them my short and long term goals. Keeps them away from the stigma of well meaning intentions that are quickly forgot soon as March or April rolls around. Here goes-

  1. Finish my Nano 2011 WIP!!!
  2. Edit my Nano 2011 until it glitters and shines. (I might need critique partners, if anyone is interested.)
  3. Consider it for publication.(Thinking this will require beta readers for anyone interested.)
  4. Polish and write short stories for contests and submissions.
  5. Get more freelance jobs.
  6. Post a blog once a week. :D
  1. Get to goal weight. (Cliche, I know but always true)
  2. Stay at goal weight. (So I don't have to keep having the above goal!)
  3. Run one race a month working to the point where I can do a half marathon. Ultimate goal run the Honolulu Marathon.
  4. Find a job that actual gains me skills in areas that I need in order to be a writer.
Writing Group:
  1. Find at least one, if not two, serious writers willing to make a commitment to critique and writing stories every other month.
  2. Try and create a network of writers in the Phoenix Valley.

So far I've taken small steps to getting these accomplished. I'll do small blog posts on them throughout the year as I complete different parts of the goal and hopefully finish them come December 1st!

That's it for this post. I definitely have more goals/objectives than these but for now, these are things that I really want to accomplish in 2012.


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