Monday, October 7, 2013

The Year of Completion

So I have decided that after the last three years of attempting various NaNoWriMo and CampNaNoWriMo events that I still hate myself and have little regard for my sanity. This year feels different though and not for obvious reasons.

When I first heard about NaNo, I was in college and overheard a couple of the writing tutors that I worked with talking about it. (Yes, I was eavesdropping and yes, I am aware that is rude. BUT being a writer means that I have express permission to such things in the name of research, boredom, and procrastination!) I could not even contemplate writing more than a twenty page paper let alone a 50,000 word novel. I knew it was possible considering I had read books longer than that but for me to partake in that adventure seemed impossible. Now I feel totally removed from that feeling.

The last few years have been a trial of pushing myself to make that goal of 50k. Of the many attempts that I've made I succeeded every time I tried. I only made it to 50k once though. I call every attempt successful in that I sat my butt down in a chair, avoided the internet hole like the plague, and made time to write for me. I wasn't writing some horribly boring document on failed letters or an article about trying to gain weight. I wrote about the worlds that only existed in my mind. Worlds that are trying to get out of my conscious and into the mainstream collective.

This year feels different because I've already proven to myself that I can do it. This year's competition will be more about finishing my novel and less about making the word goal. And I am completely okay with that. I've proven myself and I've achieved self belief. Now it's time to challenge myself and get that novel finished. So this year I've set a minimum goal of 25k with the caveat that the next month will be 25k and the month after that and the month after that until it's finished. This will be the Year of Completion!

So are you guys doing NaNo this year? What are your goals?

~Here's some tuneage for your own epic training and motivational sequence~

~V.M. Flower

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