Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to all! I hope you spent your day either in celebratory adulation of the mother figures in your life and/or being the object of said adoration. I certainly enjoyed my weekend. Between chasing down an overactive child in Joann's and deciding it was not worth it to try and make said overactive toddler sit down in a nice restaurant, my mother's day almost felt like a typical day for me.

We ordered Chinese take out from around the corner and snuggled on the couch afterwards and watched Mulan. We almost made it to Kung Fu Panda but the little one was tired (aka we were done placating the little one) and desperately needed a bath after dousing herself in garlicky Chinese sauce.

After our nightly ritual of bedtime, the husband and I then settled in to continue our binge watching of Helix season 2. I think we finished season 2 in about two days. Good show. It's different and some of the characters were stupid but they were consistently stupid so it worked. I'm sort of sad they cancelled it but the way they ended it felt satisfying. Unlike some cancelled ScyFy shows that shan't be mentioned here.

Sunday, the hubby made me breakfast and then later that day we grilled NY T-bone steaks on the grill. Overall, great weekend, relaxing, and none too fancy. Oh wait, we did get a bit fancy with our adult milkshakes but then a person needs their vices once and a while. Mmm... mudslide ice cream with vanilla and cinnamon bailey's. Delish!

Anyhoot, again hope Sunday was a good day for you. I know mothers can be a touchy subject. It seems like there were extreme posts of positive and negative things to say about mothers on Facebook. Then again, it is Facebook. I think people forgot what it's like to have their opinions in the middle. Either that or no one has created any meme's that fit that happy medium. Sounds like funny t-shirt possibilities if you ask me.

How was your Sunday? Do anything fun?

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